Partial List of Clients



"Affiliate Performance has been instrumental in helping Ritz Interactive grow and manage the affiliate program for our marine-specialty online shopping destination, -- one of the flagship properties within our e-commerce network. The valuable analysis and services Affiliate Performance has provided over the last year has helped significantly increase sales revenue at our site."

Fred H. Lerner,
President & CEO
Ritz Interactive, Inc.

"It is long overdue, but I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your contributions to our affiliate program, and comment Affiliate Performance on an excellent job…..I was constantly impressed with your expertise in affiliate marketing and with your understanding of how varying business models can best take advantage of an affiliate channel… I recommend Affiliate Performance to anyone looking for guidance and support in expanding their own affiliate programs."

Kelly Lamison
Vice President, Internet Marketing and Development

"Affiliate Performance is thoroughly well versed in all aspects of affiliate program management. From recruiting and retention strategies, to performance optimization, to identifying tricks and shortcuts to making program management easier, Affiliate Performance does it all."

Gigi Ross,
QuickBooks Affiliate Program Manager