Affiliate Performance aims to make the affiliate sales channel your most cost effective customer acquisition and retention tool. Many e-businesses realize that they are not taking full advantage of their investment in an affiliate marketing infrastructure, due to insufficient resources and attention, or a lack of expertise. Whether you are looking for outsourced affiliate program management services or individual project-based solutions, partnering with Affiliate Performance will help you to maximize your ROI.

Here is an overview of our services:

Affiliate Program Development and Implementation

  • Development of affiliate program strategy and business plan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Initial recruiting and commission structure recommendations
  • Affiliate communication strategy
  • Facilitation and project management of technical implementation

Ongoing Affiliate Program Management and Administration
Affiliate Recruitment and Management

  • Broad based and strategic affiliate recruitment
  • Manual affiliate application approval
  • Affiliate communication
  • "Super Affiliate" account management
  • Affiliate support

Program Management

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Program analysis and optimization
  • Affiliate segmentation and promotion analysis
  • Updating and maintenance of affiliate resource center

Training of Merchant's Staff

  • Affiliate program development
  • Affiliate recruitment and management
  • Program management

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Partnering with
Affiliate Performance
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